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Man holding auto glass Man repairing the windshield on a car

Your windshield and perimeter glass in your automobile keep you driving safely in any weather condition. Maximize your safety and fix that chip or crack today - don't wait for an accident to happen!

Get a clear view of the road ahead!


Most cracked windshields start as a chip and grow until the windshield has multiple cracks. Our Delta System can stop the rock chip from spreading before the crack can begin. Our rock chip lifetime warranty guarantees the crack won't spread. Ask us for details!

Don't let that chip turn into a crack!

 •  Auto glass

 •  RV glass replacement

 •  Headlight restoration

 •  Rock chip repair

 •  Sunroof installation and repair

A windshield with a crack or hole in it is more likely to shatter unexpectedly.

Over the years your headlight lenses can become dull and less transparent. Try our headlight restoration and restore the clarity of the road ahead.

Keep your vehicle safe from flying debris and weather!



Insurance replacements

Bring on the bright lights!

Westside Glass will restore your sunroof to its former condition. Keep out the leaks and let the sun shine in. We can also repair or replace other damaged parts so your sunroof can function properly again.

Let the sunshine in!

Man repairing a windshield on a car Man cleaning the window of a car

Our technicians have over 40 years experience finding and repairing automotive water leaks. Whether it's a seam leak or sunroof leak, let our experienced staff find and stop it!

Feet getting wet in your car?